P RCN and SPA Events

The 5-year P RCN meets annually. In odd years, P RCN and SPA meet in Washington DC with a focus on stakeholder engagement; in even years, P RCN meets in Phoenix for research working group meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

2017 P RCN and SPA workshop

P RCN scientists and SPA representatives will meet to synthesize the science and solution-based outcomes from the P RCN working groups and engage relevant policy-makers, legislators, and stakeholders.

Global P Events

The P RCN and SPA work collaboratively with the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP). Below you can see a feed of their current postings of P events world-wide.

Upcoming Meetings

Phosphates conference 2017

13 - 15 March 2017, Tampa, Florida - website
Phosphates 2017 530 115

COMIFER workshop Recycled phosphorus in agriculture

11 April 2017, Paris, France - Registration
COMIFER (France fertilizer industry, workshop on recycled phosphorus in agriculture: potential, products, quality, regulation

Strippers and Scrubbers event - the fight for nitrogen recovery, recycling and removal

27 April 2017, Leeds, United Kingdom - Website - Email
This one-day event will investigate the options for managing ammonium and seeks to bring together key stakeholders interested in advancing recovery, recycling and removal techniques.

SYMPHOS - International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry

8 - 10 May 2017, Ben Guerir, Morocco - Website
10th "Phosphates" event, the premier gathering for decision-makers for the fertilizer, feed and industrial phosphates industries, with 400 participants.
Symphos conference 2017 logo

Course Phosphorus Removal and Tertiary Treatment Processes

11 May 2017, Wakefield, United Kingdom - Website
This course will review the design and operation of the main markets available for N and P removal technologies.

Sustainable Phosphorus Research Coordination Network (P RCN) workshop

16-18 May 2017, Washington DC, USA - Website - Registration

Phosphorus FORUM of the North America Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance (SPA)

19 May 2017, Washington DC, USA - Website - Registration - Email
Organised by the former North American Partnership for Phosphorus Sustainability (NAPPS)

International interdisciplinary conference on land use and water quality (LuWQ2017)

29 May - 1 June 2017, Den Haag, Netherlands - Website

World Circular Economy Forum 2017

5 - 6 June 2017, Helsinki, Finland - Website

WEF Nutrient Symposium 2017

12 - 14 June 2017, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Website

Ireland Phosphorus from wastewater conference

21 - 23 June 2017, Belfast, Ireland - Website - Contact
Starts with a 1 day workshop on ‘Irish phosphorus sustainability’ to establish the need for an Irish nutrient platform, and First conference of the Ireland EPA funded project "Phosphorus from wastewater: Novel technologies for advanced treatment and reuse".

PBSi 2017 - International Conference On Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon chemistry

3 - 5 July 2017, Paris, France - Website

The BIG Phosphorus Conference and Exhibition – Removal & Recovery

4 - 5 July 2017, Manchester, United Kingdom - Website
The event is supported by the UKWIR National Phosphorus Trials steering group and the National Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP) Phosphorus Steering Group

2nd IWA Resource Recovery conference

5 - 9 August 2017, New York, USA - Website - Email
2nd International Water Association conference on resource recovery from wastewater

17th International RAMIRAN conference 'Sustainable utilization of manures and residue resources in agriculture'

4 - 6 September 2017, Wexford, Ireland - Website - Email
RAMIRAN (Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network) is a research and expertise network dealing with environmental issues relating to the use of livestock manure and other organic residues in agriculture.

ManuREsource 2017 - International conference on manure management and valorization

27 - 28 November 2017, Eindhoven, Netherlands - Website - Email
In cooporation with the Dutch Nutrient Platform. A facultative field trip with exclusive site visits to local manure processing installations will be organised on 29 November 2017.
ManuResource 2017 banner

info [AT] manuresource2017 [DOT] org?subject=Manuresource

Archived Event Notes

Previous Event notes and minutes are archived here for easy access.


Closing the Human Phosphorus Cycle

Arlington, VA—Jun, 08-Jun, 09

ASU professor and Sustainable P Initiative director Jim Elser co-led a National Science Foundation workshop to identify research priorities for P sustainability in the field of chemistry as part of NSF’s Food, Energy, Water (FEW) program. Download the report, “Closing the Human Phosphorus Cycle”, here.

Phosphorus Sustainability Research Coordination Network (P RCN)

Washington, D.C.—May, 18-May, 21

The five-­year RCN, which started in January 2013, aims to bring together some of the world’s top scientists, engineers, and technical experts to spark an interdisciplinary synthesis of data, perspectives, and understanding about phosphorus (P) to envision solutions for P sustainability (see:

2014 P RCN Research Workshop

Phoenix, AZ—Jan, 06-Jan, 10

At the 2014 workshop, the main goals were to identify tasks within the four working groups, including their associated deadlines, and to start work on those tasks. By the end of the workshop, each group had written a summary to describe their work for the next 6 months and beyond.

2013 P RCN Kick Off Meeting

Washington DC—May, 14-May, 16

At the workshop, the main task was to gather stakeholders and core participants in order to discuss, define, and form focused working groups around the two themes: increasing the efficiency of P use in food production and developing robust P recycling pathways.