Current human use of the key nutrient element phosphorus (P) is unsustainable, as geological and geopolitical uncertainties threaten the P supply for fertilizer production while wasteful use pollutes rivers, lakes and oceans. The ASU Sustainable Phosphorus Initiative (SPI) seeks to:

  1. Build a credible scientific consensus on the dimensions of the phosphorus sustainability challenge.
  2. Catalyze an interdisciplinary global network focused on phosphorus sustainability.
  3. Design & motivate institutional, commercial, and consumer behavior change for conservation and recycling to establish phosphorus sustainability.

SPI is ASU's timely and solution-driven response to what might be called “the biggest problem you’ve never heard of.” By closing the phosphorus cycle, countries, cities, and families will become more secure and more affluent, while living in a healthier environment free of the degrading impacts of widespread nutrient pollution.